Irene's Thoughts

How’s Your WFH Atmosphere?
Image September 2, 2020 General Irene Hilbert

Decorate your work station at home with creative art – soothing artwork can help you concentrate! Take a Brain Break! Add a photograph of your favorite place near your computer to rest your eyes between assignments. Remember to get up and move! Take a jog around the room or do some jumping jacks every half

Staycation Inspiration
Image August 11, 2020 General Irene Hilbert

Take a photo of a place you visited and use it for inspiration for your creative expression – maybe your next drawing or painting! Here’s a watercolor I painted from a photo from my trip to Sicily last year – wish I were there!

Rock Art
Image August 5, 2020 General Irene Hilbert

Rock art is a great little, at-home art project! Find a rock, wash it, use a sharpie, draw your design, paint with acrylic paints (or oil) and you can even write a special saying. Spray it with varnish and you’ll be able to leave it outside! This is great activity for kids and it’s very